Difference between blender and mixer

Difference between blender and mixer


Difference between blender and mixerCooking is an art and many people love cooking. Kitchen appliances make your cooking easier. In a short time, we can make our food easily. Blender and mixer are the wonderful kitchen appliances that make our kitchen process comfortable and easy. A blender and mixer need every proper kitchen. In this guide, we are going to share the difference between a blender and a mixer. But before we jump into the differences, let’s know their definition first.


A blender is a very popular kitchen appliance for making any liquids. In just a few seconds you can make your favorite fruit juice and smoothies in your blender.  You can also make baby food, sauces, and chop vegetables and many more things in a blender. 


For baking, a mixer is a must and if you love baking then a mixer should be your BFF. Every home cook must need a mixer to make the whipped cream or mixing the batter. When buying a mixer try to buy the best-quality mixer. 

Difference between a blender and a mixer 

Difference in Types


There are different types of blenders are available on the market, such as chef blender, single-serve blender, immersion blender, hand blender, etc. The most convenient blender is an immersion blender. This is the most popular blender used by many people as this blender can be attached to any container. 


Hand mixers and stand mixers: these are the two main types of mixers are available on the market. Both are useful for any kind of baking. When choosing a mixer whether a hand mixer or a stand mixer, make sure to choose a steady mixer so that while mixing any heavy doughs, they will not jump. 

Ease of use


Using a blender is very easy compared to a mixer. You just need to plug in the blender and then add ingredients into the blender container and then safely attach the lid. And then blend them well. Simple!


It’s a little bit tough for those who are new to baking or new to using a mixer. This is because for the different food making, a mixer need to use different mixer attachment. When you want to make the dough, you need to use a dough attachment. 

Attachments Difference 


Usually, the immersion blenders come with a bowl that is very convenient. While chopping any food, you can use the bowl to store foods. Some blenders come with an extra jug for storing liquids, whisk for whisking any ingredients, grinder for grinding any dry ingredients. With a high-quality blender usually, they come with. If you do not have them, then you may need to buy them manually. 


A mixer also comes with bowls. And there are also more attachments with a mixer such as a mixer has a beater, a whisk, and a dough hook with it. When you need to beat eggs, you can use the beater, for the large ingredients you can use a whisk, and usually, for bread dough hook is perfect. Other mixer attachments that you’ll need could be – a shredder or slicer, ice cream maker, rollers and pasta maker, meat grinder attachments.

Blender and Mixer

Difference in Function


You can use your blender for making any types of juices, smoothies, cocktails, or protein and milkshake. Also, you can make hot soups if you have a high-quality blender. 


A mixer can also be used for a variety of purposes. From baking to shredding you can use your mixer. In your mixer, you can also grind spices or any dry ingredients easily. 

Durability Difference 


The average lifespan of a blender is 5 years which is high-quality. Most of the blenders come with a 7-years of warranty. However, if you can take extra care of your blender it can last more than 5 years and can make your work easier. 


A mixer is very durable compared to a blender. A high-quality mixer can last for 15 years. Many mixer users report that they use their mixers for 25 years without any issues. So rather than a blender, a mixer lasts longer.

Difference in Price


There are different blenders are available on the market, and depending on the quality of the blender, the price varies. From $25 to $800 you’ll get a blender. However, when buying a blender try to buy the best quality blender for yourself. If you buy a cheap quality blender, then in a few years you need to replace the blender. 


Like blenders, on the market different types of mixers are also available. The price also mixers are varies depending on the quality. The price of a mixer starts from $14 and the price goes up to $600. When shopping for a mixer, try to buy the best quality mixer for you so you can use the mixers for many years to come. 

Using Difference 


A blender is best for making any kinds of liquids such as juice, cocktails, smoothies, protein shake, etc.  Making your favorite juice or smoothies is very simple if you have a blender, and you do not need to buy juices from any store. 


Usually, for baking, a mixer is used. If you love baking a mixer is there for you. You can make your favorite cake easily by using your mixer. And your work will be easier when using a mixer for making cake batter. 

Difference in Chopping


In a high-quality blender, you can chop vegetables. To chop any veggies first you need to cut them into pieces and then add them in your blender. And turn the switch on and run the machine for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Isn’t it simple?


You cannot chop vegetables in the mixer. Usually, this is not ideal for chopping. Use a blender instead of a mixer for chopping any veggies. 

Kneading Difference 


If you want to eat pizza then you can knead pizza dough in your blender. To kneading dough, add flour, water, baking soda, and salt in your blender and then run your blender. But a blender is not perfect for kneading the dough. 


Compared to your blender, your mixer is the best for kneading bread or pizza dough. The making process of dough in a mixer is the same as you make in the blender. Usually, a stand mixer is the best for making the dough. 

Difference in Making puree and sauces


A blender is a king when it comes to making the puree. In this wonderful kitchen appliance, you can puree your baby food, dips, soup, and sauces. A hand blender is the best for making the puree. Gather the ingredients that you want to make puree and then into the blender, add the ingredients and then mash them properly. 


Use your kitchen mixer instead of your blender if you want to make the sauce occasionally. You can make mayonnaise in the mixing bowl directly. But in a mixer, you need to use a large number of ingredients. Or else they won’t be mixed properly. 

blender vs mixer

Difference in Cleaning


It is easy to clean a blender. Many blenders come with self-cleaning properties. To clean the blender add a few drops of dishwashing soap and fill the blender with water. And then run the blender for 30 seconds at high speed. Rinse the blender properly and let it air dry. 


Compared to a blender it is difficult to clean a mixer. To clean the mixer you’ll need baking soda, dishwashing soap, scrubbing brush, cotton cloth, and pipe cleaner or toothpick. Next, you need to remove all the attachment first, to clean the mixer. Clean the mixer bowl with dishwashing soap. To clean the surface of the mixer using the damp cotton cloth, and then let them dry. Clean the whisk, beater or dough hook properly with baking soda and dishwashing soap so that no odors coming from it. Once you clean them let them dry properly. 

Benefits of using a blender mixer

When you’ll start using a blender and mixer, you can see there are many benefits of using these amazing kitchen appliances. So what are the benefits? Let’s discuss this…

Reduce stress while cooking

When you are new to cooking everything seems very difficult. A blender and mixer make your cooking life easier as they can do much for you. You can easily chop vegetables in your blender or if you need to make pizza you can use your mixer for making pizza dough. Within a few minutes, both of them do these for you. So in short, both appliances can reduce your stress level and you can cook a tasty meal for you or your family.


When you are in a hurry in the morning you can use your blender to make a healthy fruit juice or milkshake for you. Or on a winter morning, you can drink hot soup easily. We mentioned above that a blender can make soup. And within 10 minutes you can get your soup ready to drink. By making juice or soup it helps to save your time. 

Vegetable cocktail

If you love to drink a green vegetable cocktail, no worry! Your blender is there for you to make this. All you need to do is gather the vegetables you want to make a cocktail and then pour them into the container, add a little water and sugar if you want and ice cubes with them. Run your blender for a minute and your favorite green cocktail is ready. Enjoy! 

Benefits of using a mixer

Cake batter

You can use your blender for making cake batter but a mixer can do this better than your blender. As a mixer is best for baking we said, so use the mixer for the cake batter. Here is a chocolate cake mix recipe for you:


[ flour (1¾ cup) , baking powder (1 tbsp) , sugar (1½ cups)

, cocoa powder (¾ cup) ,  salt (½ tsp) ]


In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients and mix them well. Chocolate cake mixing is ready. Store the mixing in an airtight jar. You can use this whenever you want to make a cake. 

Whipped cream

Usually, when making dessert we use whipped cream. You can also buy whipped cream from any super shop near you. But when you have a mixer you can make whipped cream easily at home. An easy whipped cream recipe is here for you.


[ ½ tsp vanilla powder , ¼ tsp vanilla extract

, 1 cup heavy whipping cream ]


Into the mixer bowl, add the heavy whipping cream. 

Turn the machine one and until you get a solid cream, beat the whipping cream.

If you want to add vanilla then turn the machine off and add them into it and again run the machine. 

Until the cream looks like stiff peaks, continue beating. 

Almond Milk

You should try making almond milk in your blender. Almond milk is a very healthy drink. It contains various nutrients that are good for our health. An almond milk recipe for you. 


[ Almonds (1 cup) , Water (4 cups) ]


Before making almond milk, for 4 to 6 hours you need to soak almonds in water. 

Then rinse them very well.

In the blender, add all the almonds and water.

Blend them very well until the milk looks creamy.

Strain them in a glass.

Enjoy drinking!

Summing Up

After reading this article we hope you are now clear about the differences between a blender and a mixer. Both kitchen appliances can work awesome for you. They help to make your cooking easier than before and you can enjoy cooking. 

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