Difference between food processor and blender

Blender and food processor

Food processor and blender both are very useful kitchen appliances. They use for different purposes yet they have many similarities. Usually, a food processor is good at labor-intensive tasks such as chopping vegetables, grinding, shredding, mixing, making dough even cooking. And a blender is good at making liquids. When it comes to choosing one between a food processor and blender it can be confusing for you. So first let’s know what are they. 

Food Processor 

You can use a food processor to make your baby food, puree, butter, dough, you can make soups, even you can slice or chop vegetables in it. Mr. Carl Sontheimer an engineer who has first introduced a food processor to North America in 1973. The top chefs only use this appliance at first but now around the world, many people use this in their kitchen. 


Most people use a blender for making juice, smoothies or other liquids. The first blender was invented in the early 1900s for making malted milk drinks. But it was not popular until 1937 and then it became popular among people which is still popular worldwide. If you have a blender then you do not need to worry about making your favorite protein shakes, juices, milkshakes, smoothies or vegetable cocktail. 

Food processor and blender difference

The food processor and blender both have some similarities and differences. Let’s discuss their differences.


Food Processor – It has a variety of blades that use to chop, shred, and slice. If you want to chop food then use the S-shaped blade. Use the grinding blade to make peanut butter.

Blender – Usually, the blender has a small blade than a food processor, and the blade is fixed. 

The motor

Food processor – Food processor has a standard motor but the real power of this comes from the blades. 

Blender – Rather than food processors usually, blenders have a stronger motor. And to quickly spin ingredients these blades allow. 


Food Processor – You will find a food processor with a variety of bowl. From 3 to 15 cups, the bowls are ranging. You can use the bowl to add ingredients while using the machine and it is safe.

Blender – The blender bowl features a measurement and lip on the side as they are made for pouring. And there is a small removable plug in the lid. During the blending process, you can add ingredients in the blender. 


Food Processor – There are multiple functions in the food processor and you can make soups on it, you can make pizza dough, you can make sauces, you can slice or chop vegetables, you can use this as a grinder as well. 

Blender – Usually, a blender is used for making cocktails, juices or smoothies. If you have a high-quality blender then you can also make soups on it. 


Food Processor – Usually, using a food processor is a little bit tricky. First, you need to select the blade that you want to use and then put the blade in the food processor. Now onto the food processor attach the bowl and lid, this will enable the machine to operate. You can now use your food processor. 

Blender – A blender is easy to use. To operate the blender choose a surface that is dry and flat. Now plug in the blender. Before the plugin makes sure your blender is dry. You can now pour ingredients into it and blend them. 

Cooking Large Meals

Food Processor – Preparing a large meal is difficult you know well when you throw a dinner party at your home or regularly if you cook for more than four persons. But in no time, you can prepare a large meal easily and quickly if you have a food processor. And you won’t be tired after making a large volume of food and you can enjoy the food. 

Blender – You cannot make a large meal in the blender, but if yours is high-quality then you can chop foods in it. And a blender is the best appliance that you can use when you’ll make any liquids.

Processed Food

Food Processor – There are different forms in a food processor such as chop, shreds or slices and according to this food processor can prepare food. 

Blender – Rather than a food processor in a blender you will get much better consistency though, the food processed in a blender may have different textures. 

Food Making

Food Processor – In a food processor you can make pizza dough, you can make hot soups, batters, peanut butter, sauces, pesto, etc. Any kind of solid food you can make on a food processor. 

Blender – You can make your favorite milkshakes, juice, cocktail, frozen drinks. On a blender, you cannot make any kind of solid food.

food Processor

Difference in use and food making

Remove stress from cooking

Food Processor –  Your food processor helps to prepare food faster also you won’t feel tired after making food as it can do heavy-duty tasks for you. 

Blender – Easily you can make any juices or smoothies in the blender, and you do not need to worry much about making juices or smoothies or any other liquids. 

Even after preparing meals or liquids, you will remain energetic and fresh and these appliances will take the stress from you as they will do your half task. 

Healthy Food

Food Processor – You can eat more healthy food if you invest in a food processor, and for healthy cooking, many people buy this appliance. Homemade foods are healthy. Also, if you make food at home then you can maintain your diet. A food processor can chop vegetables in seconds, so it won’t be a hassle for you to cut vegetables. If you want to eat healthily then a food processor is always there for you. 

Blender – A high-quality blender can keep the whole nutrients of the fruits or vegetables. When you drink your favorite fruit juice or vegetable cocktail, you will get the whole nutrients of them. 


Food processor – In so many different ways you can use a food processor apart from chopping vegetables. If you want to make your favorite homemade curries then this will assist you. Making curries in your food processor is easy also it helps to cook quickly. Other common things you can make in your food processor is dips, sauces, soups, pesto, nut butter, and much more. 

Blender – The blenders are usually, best for making liquids. But high-quality blender can do versatile tasks for you. In the blender you can also chop food, you can make baby food for your bundle of joy, you can also make hot or cold soups, you can beat eggs, sauces, and frozen dessert. 


Food Processor – Usually, food processors are made of the commercial-grade standard that is very durable than other kitchen devices. Food processors can last longer as they are made of the best materials and they have the capacity to perform heavy tasks. But you should make sure that you will get value for money and for this before buying any food processor, do some research on the internet. 

Blender – A high-quality blender is very durable. Take proper care of your blender, if you take good care of your blender then it will last longer. And to your kitchen, a blender is a good addition so you should maintain the blender properly. 


Food Processor – You have to be very careful when cleaning a food processor because the blades are very sharp and there are many pieces. So you need to clean every part separately. 

Blender – Compared to a food processor cleaning a blender is easier. You just need to clean the bowl and the blades of a blender. Also, when cleaning the blade, be very careful though they are not many pieces but sharp. 


Food Processor – When it comes to price, usually, a food processor is pricey than a blender. But it is worth having a food processor. You will get a food processor from $40 to $800. 

Blender – Less expensive than a food processor. The price of a blender varies from $20 to $600. 

Benefits of using a food processor and blenders

Food Processor Is Best for People Who Are New To Cooking

A food processor is there to help you if you are new to cooking or you do not cook frequently. If you are new to cooking, then for your food preparation may take time and it may seem hard to you. When you have a food processor you do not need to chop or slicing vegetables or meats as this will do this for you and makes your work easier. You will get the perfect slicing of vegetables and your food will taste like an expert chef made this also, you can try to make new recipes. A food processor is one of the best kitchen equipment that you can buy if you are new to cooking.

Blenders Are Best At Making juice, Vegetable cocktail, and Smoothies 

Making fruit juice is the first and most common use of a blender. You just need to slice fruits and then add them in the blender and blend them well. Fruit juice is very healthy that provides many nutrients to our body. When you have a blender you can drink this healthy drink every day easily. 

On our plate every day it is not possible to add salads but if you have a blender then you can make a vegetable cocktail to drink and this will help you to fill all the nutrients of vegetables. And when you make a vegetable cocktail this will save your time. 

On the other hand, the smoothie is considered one of the best health drinks and a blender is the most convenient way of making smoothies. In the blender, you just need to add ingredients and then for a couple of minutes give them a good blend. Your health drink is ready to drink. You can also make milkshakes and protein shake in the blender. 

Final Words

To make the kitchen chores easier usually, a food processor or blender used. You can buy a blender if you make lots of juices, smoothies or soups. And if you cook on a regular basis for more than 4 people then you should go for a food processor. A food processor is more expensive than a blender but this is durable, and you can use it for a variety of cooking. 

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