How To Make Orange Juice With a Blender

How To Make Orange Juice With a Blender?


How To Make Orange Juice With a BlenderAround the world, orange juice is very popular. Most of the people start their day by drinking orange juice. Toast and a glass of orange juice is a great combination for breakfast. Also, orange juice contains various nutrients that are good for our health. The most convenient way to make orange juice is with a juicer. But if you do not have a juicer then no worry. With your blender, you can make your favorite orange juice easily. And you can make different orange juice with your blender. In this article, you’ll get to know how you can make orange juice with a blender. So keep on reading to know…


How to make orange juice with a blender

Depending on how you like your orange juice it is a little tricky to make orange juice with a blender. When you use your blender to make juice, you need to strain the juice. But if you like to drink orange smoothie then you do not need to strain it. To make orange juice, you’ll need –

3 large oranges 


Honey or sugar as per your taste

Ice cubes 4-5 pieces

Step 1. Peel It – To make orange juice first you need to peel the oranges. Make sure you remove all the peeled. 

Step 2. Cut the Oranges – When you want to make orange juice in a blender, you need to cut them first. Cut your oranges into pieces.

Step 3. Remove The Seeds – Seeds are harmful to the blender blades, also, seeds are a toxin to the health. So before making the juice make sure to remove the seeds. You can use a fork to remove the seeds.

Step 4. Blend It Well – Now add oranges into the blender and turn the blender on. Until you get a smooth puree, blend them. When the orange dried, add a little water into it. Also, you can add honey or sugar into it if you want to add some sweetener to the juice and blend them well.

Step 5. Strain the Juice – Use a strainer to strain the juice. But to strain, a nut milk bag works better. So instead of using a strainer try to use a nut milk bag if possible. Add ice cubes on the juice and enjoy your favorite drink!

You can store orange juice in your refrigerator and for 3 to 4 days your juice will be fresh. And within 4 days make sure to drink the juice. Now you know how to make your favorite orange juice with a blender. Isn’t it simple? 

However, you can make your favorite orange juice even tastier. Now we are going to share some orange juice recipe with you, that will make your juice awesome to drink and you can make this in your blender. So let’s know the tasty orange juice recipes – 

Orange Creamsicle Drink

For an afternoon snack orange creamsicle smoothie is perfect. This drink is very delicious and so flavorful. And in America, this drink is very popular. 


[ Orange juice (1 cup) ,  Frozen banana (1 large) , 

Frozen mango chunks (1 cup) , Vanilla yogurt (half cup) , 

Vanilla (1/2 tsp) ]


In your blender, pour all the ingredients. And run the machine. Until you get a smooth drink, blend them well. Drink immediately.

Pomegranate Orange Mocktail

Do you love to eat the little juicy pearl of pomegranate? Orange and pomegranate together can make a beautiful mocktail for you. Many people love to drink this mocktail. This is easy to make.


[ 1 1/2 cup Pomegranate  , 1 tbsp lemon juice , 1/2 cup club soda

1/2 cup orange juice (you can take as per the glass size) ,

sugar as per your taste ]


(1) Add the pomegranate seeds and sugar into the blender and blend them.

(2) Once the blending is done, strain them well and then add lemon juice with it.

(3) Now pour the juice in a container and store it in the refrigerator for at least a day.

(4) The next day, with the help of a fork, scrap it. 

(5) Add the scrapped pomegranate into the juice glass.

(6) Add orange juice onto it (this is the second layer).

(7) On top of it add club soda. Add club soda carefully.  

(8) The mocktail is ready.

Carrot Orange Juice

This juice is known as a powerhouse combination as this juice can work amazingly for your health. If you are new to juicing, then this could be a great juice recipe for you. This juice can help you to glow your skin from the inside, it can boost your energy and detox your body. 


[ 1 large orange (peeled and seedless) , 4 large carrots , 

Water (if needed) ,Sugar (if you want sweetener to the juice) ]


(1) First, cut the carrots and orange into small pieces. 

(2) Pour them into the blender. 

(3) Run the blender. If needed add a little water. 

(4) When the juice is made, pour them into the strainer and strain well. 

(5) Drink immediately.

A glass of fresh orange juice with fruit oranges

Banana Orange Smoothie

Smoothie is an energy drink. There are different types of smoothies you may drink, but this is very awesome to drink. If you do not drink this, then you can try making this healthy drink in your blender. 


[ Orange juice 1 cup , Vanilla yogurt  1/2 cup 

, Banana 1 large , Ice 2/3 cubes ]


In your blender, add all the ingredients and blend them at a high-speed for a minute or until you get your desired smoothness. 

Very easy to make, right? 

Pineapple Orange Juice

On a summer night, this creamy Julius could be a great drink for you. This will make you refreshing. 


[ 1 cup whole milk , 1 tbsp sugar

, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract ,1/2 cup frozen pineapple ,

1/4 cup orange juice concentrate ]


Add all the ingredients in the blender container and blend them until it is frothy and smooth. 

Frosty Orange Margaritas

One of the most amazingly refreshing juice is frosty orange margaritas. This is super easy and quick to make. 


[ Fresh Orange Juice 1 1/2 Cups , Lime Juice 1/4 Cup

, Triple Sec 3 Ounces , Tequila 4 Ounces ]


(1) Add all the ingredients into the blender and until the ice cubes crushed, blend them well. 

(2) Serve and enjoy! 

Orange Martini

With fresh orange juice, triple sec, and vodka the orange martini is made. The easiest martini you can make at your home. 


[ 2 ounces of orange juice , 1-ounce triple sec , 

2 ounces vodka ]


(1) In a martini shaker, over the ice pour all ingredients. 

(2) Shake them well. 

(3) In a chilled martini glass, strain it. 

Use an orange slice to garnish. 

Strawberry Mimosa Recipe

To start your day this is a great drink. This is easy to make. One of the best cocktails paired with champagne, orange juice, and strawberry. 


[ Fresh orange juice 2 cups , Fresh strawberries 1/2 cup  , 

Champagne 1 25-ounce ]


(1) To the blender, add strawberries and orange juice and blend them until you get a smooth juice.

(2) With champagne slowly fill the glass halfway.

(3) On top of the glass add the mixture of orange-strawberry. 

(4) Drink it!

If you do not have a juicer, you can still make orange juice with your blender easily. You can try this orange juices at your home. 

Nutrition Facts of Orange juice

As breakfast, many people drink orange juice. There are various nutrients contains in orange juice that is good for our health. Orange juice is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin A, B6, and C. Other nutrients of orange juice are –










Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange is rich in Vitamin C, so it helps with the immune system. However, orange juice has other health benefits. 

Protect The Skin 

We mentioned above that orange juice is rich in Vitamin C, so it can protect your skin from the damaged by the sun. Also, orange juice helps you to keep youthful. You should add drinking orange juice to your diet. 

Strong Bones and Muscles

Orange juice contains calcium and potassium. Calcium makes our bones strong, and potassium makes muscles strong. Also, to relieve from arthritis pain orange juice can help you, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. 

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and measuring tape on the plate cereal porridge with kiwi slices. Diet food

Weight Loss

Drinking a glass of fresh orange juice can help you to weight loss. Orange juice contains fiber, and we all know that fiber is great to lose weight. But when you make orange juice you do not get all the fiber nutrients. So if you want to lose weight then eat the whole orange instead of juicing. 

Heart Health

In the blood to reduce the bad cholesterol levels, also, it can slow down the hardening of arteries. By reducing the symptoms of hypertension, orange juice can keep your heart healthy. And it is a good drink for people who have high blood pressure. 

Kidney Stones

Orange juice can help breakdown calcium oxalate stone formation, this is because oranges have a high concentration of citrate. It is also great for any kidney issue. One should start drinking orange juice to keep the kidney safe. 

Other health benefits of drinking orange juice are – it can reduce the risk of cancer, great for our immune system, helps to improve digestive health, good for eyesight, and many more. 

The Final Words

Orange juice is a great drink and most of the people love to drink this awesome juice. You can make orange juice in your blender in different ways. Also, orange juice is great for your health. You can add this health drink to your diet, and start drinking this amazing juice. 

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