How To Use Vitamix As a Food Processor?

Blender and food processor

Among the people one of the most reliable brands is Vitamix. Especially for chefs or who spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make the food tastier, Vitamix is a great option. Usually, the price of the Vitamix is higher but it works best. Also the Vitamix is durable than other blenders. Another useful kitchen appliance is a food processor. And rather than a Vitamix, most of the people use a food processor because it is less expensive. However, both Vitamix and food processor are versatile enough. Vitamix blenders are good at to make super smooth blends while food processors are good on certain slicing tasks. But you can use your Vitamix instead of the food processor.

Let’s discuss how you can use Vitamix as a food processor. 

Uses of Vitamix as Food Processor

Making Juice and Smoothie

You can use your Vitamix to make your favorite vegetable or fruit juice. You will have extra flavor and sparkle if you make juice in Vitamix, this is because Vitamix keeps the whole nutrients and the blending process release the whole juice. In fact, rather than a food processor, Vitamix is better at making juice, and in no time you can make your juice. If you want to make orange juice then you will need – 2 large orange (peeled), water, ice cubes, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract (if you want to add). Once you have all the ingredients, add them into the Vitamix and then start the machine. Blend them for 1 minute and your orange juice is ready to drink!

Want to drink a refreshing smoothie? For a healthy breakfast or for a great snack you can make a smoothie and instead of a food processor Vitamix can make it better. Add the ingredients like grapes, banana, apple, water, and ice cubes into the container and then blend them for 40 to 50 seconds or until you get your desired smoothness.

Making Baby Food

For your bundle of joy, to make nutritious, fresh and pure food the Vitamix blender is your best friend. It takes just a few seconds to make baby food in Vitamix, you just need to prep the food and then blend. Isn’t it simple? To make banana berry baby food you will need – 2 banana (ripe and peeled), and steamed strawberries. And then to create a smooth puree, blend them for a minute. 

Making Hot Soups

Did you know, just under 10 minutes a Vitamix can make hot soups for you? This is because the blades of Vitamix are very strong and sharp, and the blades make the soup steaming-hot soup. You will need ingredients like onion, carrots, lemon, curry powder, black pepper, salt to make soup. Add all of them into the Vitamix container and blend them at high speed for about 6 minutes. And your soup is ready. Drink immediately.

Making Bread Crumbs

When we make any cutlet or chicken fry or other fries we need bread crumbs. In a food processor, you can make it but a Vitamix can make it better. You will get more smooth bread crumbs when you make it in a food processor. To make bread crumbs, first, break up three or four-piece of dried bread and place them into the jar. Run the blender for 30 seconds or until you get your desired crumbs, blend them. 

Making Doughs & Flours 

In every meal, if you want to get a fresh and homemade flavor then in your Vitamix you can knead the dough and you can grind the whole-grain flour. You can try and make soft pretzels, sourdough bread or pasta and much more at home by using Vitamix instead of a food processor. Here is a pizza dough recipe for you: to make pizza dough you’ll need – oil, hot water, salt, yeast, and all-purpose flour. Once you have all the ingredients, pour them into the jar and then for 10 to 15 seconds pulsing the dough. When the dough gets the forms of the ball, remove the dough with floured hands. 

Making Batters

Compared to a food processor, Vitamix can make smoothie batters. To make quick bread, muffins, cookies, cakes or pancakes usually, batters are used, and in Vitamix, it is very easy to mix batters. To make pancake batters you will need – flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, eggs, olive oil, salt, and buttermilk (if you want to make buttermilk pancakes). Now for a few seconds blend sugar, egg, salt, and buttermilk. After that add flour and baking powder and baking soda. To create a fluffy, light texture of batters, blend them for 25 seconds.

Frozen Desserts

From milkshakes to fruit sorbet and to ice cream, you can create chilled desserts for you easily and quickly in your Vitamix blender instead of a food processor. Here is a recipe for you that you can follow to make dessert. The ingredients you will need – frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, honey, and vanilla yogurt. Pour all the items into the container and then blend them at the highest speed for one minute.

Nut Butters

Homemade butter is healthy. And most of us love to eat this. In both Vitamix and food processors, you can make butter, but Vitamix is best compared to a food processor to make butter. You can make almond butter. To make this you just need to add the ingredients into the blender jar and then turn the machine. Slowly increase the speed of the blender. To press the ingredient towards the blade use the tamper. Don’t worry, it is safe to use as long as the lid is secure. Blend the butter for a minute and get it ready to eat. 

Food Prep

Let your Vitamix doing the chopping and shredding for you and put your processor away. You can use your Vitamix to chop any fruit or vegetable and this will saves your time. To chop vegetables or fruit you just need to add them into the Vitamix blender and then press the button. You can shred any toughest ingredients like cheese in your Vitamix. Also, you can use the Vitamix as a grinder. You can make flour by grinding grains, and you grind your coffee beans in it. 


In a few seconds to make tomato sauce or pesto, use the Vitamix. Here is a pesto recipe for you. In the container add grated parmesan cheese, garlic cloves, salt, basil leaves, lemon juice, olive oil, and walnuts. Then start the machine and slowly increase the speed. For 45 to 60 seconds blend them to get your pesto ready. 

Benefits – If you are using Vitamix instead of a Food Processor 

Save Time on Food Prep

Rather than your food processor, you can use your Vitamix to chop anything. The large chunks of vegetables and fruit easily you can break down in a Vitamix, as the Vitamix is a powerful blender. While the machine is running you can add ingredients in this without stopping. For chopping veggies or fruits, the Vitamix use two technique. 

Dry Chopping

Usually, for small amounts of ingredients, dry chopping is used. For the narrow container, you can use 1 cup and for wide containers, you can use up to 2.5 cups of veggies. You can add vegetables while the blender is running and it is safe to add ingredients in a Vitamix. 

Wet Chopping

For the large fruit and veggies, you can use wet chopping. To make coleslaw, the wet chopping technique is the most commonly used. To use the wet chopping you first need to add large chunks of vegetables on the container and to float the chunks of the blades you need to add some water. The water keeps the vegetables from getting stuck with the blades. By using a colander you can drain the vegetables after a quick blend. 


The Vitamix machine that uses bartenders, baristas and professional chefs as their commercial line, is the heavy-duty quality home Vitamix. From standard consumer blenders, this distinguishes Vitamix machines. And standard consumer blenders do not last as long as they aren’t built to the same standards. 

Blend On High

Do not scare from the noise of a Vitamix blender. If you use a blender then you must know when increasing the speed of the blender from low to high, the blender noise will also increase. The same goes for a Vitamix. 

Get Healthy 

Let your Vitamix make healthy food for you. You can chop, grind, shred, making salads or other main meals on the Vitamix. And Vitamix keeps the nutrients of all the food and thus it makes healthy food

Easy Cleaning

Rather than the food processor, the Vitamix is easy to clean because the Vitamix has self-cleaning properties. After each use, you can run a cleaning cycle and this will keep your blender clean and healthy. To clean your Vitamix, make sure you use warm water while brushing, as warm water is very good at cleaning. Next, add a few drops of the dishwasher and warm water into the container and start the machine. Turn the machine off after 15 to 30 seconds. Remove the water from the blender and clean it with water. Let the Vitamix air dry. 

Other benefits of Vitamix blender :

  1. You can adjust the speed of the Vitamix while blending. 
  2. To protect the Vitamix from overheating, there is a cooling fan. 
  3. You can blend anything on a Vitamix. 
  4. Vitamix is easy to clean. 
  5. You can make vegetables soup by using a Vitamix. 
  6. Vitamix keeps the nutrients of the fruits or veggies. 
  7. Under any kitchen cabinet, Vitamix blenders are easy to adjust. 
  8. Compared to a food processor, makes food tastier.

Disadvantages of Vitamix, when you are using it instead of a Food Processor 

  1. Some of the Vitamix user complaints about the noise it makes. But most of the users are okay with it.
  2. For some people, a Vitamix is very tall.
  3. Some people cannot control the speed of a Vitamix. 
  4. Usually, Vitamix blenders are pricey. And the price doesn’t matter when it comes to the quality of a product. You pay for the quality, right?

Rather than a food processor, Vitamix is better 

To make almond milk, crushed ice, soups, and smoothies, on all of the classic blending tasks, always Vitamix wins. It gives better results and works more easily. For thick blending like frozen desserts, hummus, and nut butter, a Vitamix also does better. The tamper, the circulation vortex, and the powerful motor is the combination of its dominance. And without you stop the machine you can open the lid of the machine and scrape down the sides and to push ingredients down, the tamper allows you. And rather than standard blenders, Vitamix machines are more versatile and better. 

Final verdict 

Vitamix helps to make your cooking easier than before. This is a high-quality, powerful blender and you can do multitask with this blender.  Rather than a food processor, a Vitamix is very useful though the price of a Vitamix is high. And a Vitamix helps to make food easily compared to a food processor. 

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