How To Use Vitamix Blender?


Vitamix is a top-quality blender that was used by the professionals only. But now many people use Vitamix blender to make their cooking easier. Vitamix can blend anything such as your favorite smoothie, grind nuts or making flour, pizza dough, you can chop vegetables, making sauces and many more. When a professional chef goes market for buying a blender, they choose a Vitamix blender. Vitamix is a powerful blender than others. Vitamix keeps the nutrients of vegetables and fruits while blending, but other blenders can lose the nutrients of vegetables or fruits. However, in this article, we are going to share with you how you can use your Vitamix blender. So let’s get started the discussion…

How To Use Vitamix Blender?

The Control Panel

Usually, on the lower right-hand side of the blender, the Vitamix on/off switch is located. The power of your Vitamix blender machine controls the on/off switch. Always at the stop symbol, the speed dial of the blender is located before turning the On button – make this sure. To make the machine ready for blending, switch the On position. If you want to stop the blending process switch the stop button. 

Always slowly start the machine and then increase the speed of the blender. The blender will be automatically turned off if you blend at a too low speed. So it is always recommended to use your Vitamix at high-speed. 


Usually, on a Vitamix two-blade containers are available wet blade container and the dry blade container. On the Vitamix container, you can see the ounces, cups, and milliliters marked clearly and this makes it easier for the user to use the container. 

Wet Blade Container

This is used for soups, batters, wet chopping, frozen items, sauces or juice. When using this container make sure you set the speed to 1. Before placing the container into the motor base, load the container. Pour liquid items into it first, and then add soft items and next add any hard or frozen ingredients into the container. After adding ingredients into the container, plug the lid securely. And then blend items at high-speed. 

Dry Blade Container

A dry blade container used for kneading the dough, grinding any hard ingredients such as nuts, coffee or creating flour. To use the dry container, add ingredients in it and then securely close the lid. Set the speed at 1 and then increase the speed at 10. When needed use the tamper, just remove the lid and insert the tamper. 

The Tamper

The tamper of your Vitamix is your friend when you process any thick items like nut butter or frozen items. You can use the tamper when the machine is running, just open the lid and insert the tamper in it to press the items. It is safe to use the Tamper when your Vitamix is in use. The tamper doesn’t hit the blades of the container while in use as long as the lid is closed securely. But when using the tamper make sure the container should not be full more than two-thirds. For more than 30 consecutive seconds, do not use the tamper or else this will cause overheating of the machine. 

The Lid Plug Hack

To lock the lid into the container, between the handle and the spout, position the lid. Until the lid locks in place, onto the container push the lid. You need to secure the lid by turning it clockwise, and when processing any hot liquids be very careful. While using the blender, you can still add ingredients in the container, all you need to do is remove the lid and add ingredients in it. 

When you need to remove the lid, securely holding the lid and then lift up on one lid flap. And to remove the lid plug you need to lift it out by rotating the lid plug counterclockwise from the ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’ position. 

Uses of Vitamix Blender – Making food and drinks using Vitamix 

You can chop vegetables

There are two options for chopping in a Vitamix – a) dry chop and b) wet chop. Usually, to make bread crumbs or chop parmesan cheese or for any other hard ingredients, you need to use the dry chopping. To make bread crumbs just switch on the Vitamix and then add bread into the container. This will take only two seconds to make bread crumbs. You can chop parmesan cheese in the same process, this will take a few seconds. 

The wet chop is used for chopping any vegetables. To chop vegetables, fill the container with water and vegetables, and then run the blender for 45 seconds to 1 minute. After chopping vegetables strain out the excess water. 

Making Smoothie

Smoothie is very popular among people for weight loss. It is a healthy drink that provides nutrients to your body. Here is four fruit smoothie recipe. Ingredients you’ll need – half banana, 3 strawberries, pineapple 1 slice, 1 large orange, water 120ml (1 cup), and ice cubes. Pour all the ingredients into the container and then blend them together at a high-speed for 20 to 30 seconds. And your smoothie is ready!

Dough for Pizza

If you are a pizza lover then you make your own pizza at home instead of buying from a restaurant. In your Vitamix, you can make perfect pizza dough. For making pizza dough, first you need to measure the ingredients and then you have to pour the ingredients into the blender and blend them until you can stretch them. 


Most of the time we buy sauce from the store. But do you know, you can make sauce easily at home by using your Vitamix? You can make any kind of sauce such as tomato sauce, hot sauce, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce. Also, homemade sauces are healthier.

To make fresh tomato sauce you’ll need – 6 big tomatoes, a small peeled onion, 2 tbsp tomato paste, 1 garlic, salt to taste, half tbsp lemon juice, half tbsp sugar, half tbsp dried oregano and basil. Now add all the ingredients into the container and attach the lid securely. Select the machine variable 1 and then turn on your Vitamix. Increase the speed variable to 10. Blend them for a minute. Here your tomato sauce is ready. Isn’t it easy? 

Nut and Seed Butters

You can make butter at home with your Vitamix blender. To make nut butter take some roasted nuts and then add them to the container. Until you get your desired thickness, blend them at high-speed. Store butter in an airtight container.

Making Batters

For making pancakes, bread, muffins, cakes, waffles, or cookies we need to first make batters. And a Vitamix makes it easier to make batters. Into your Vitamix container pour flour, egg, salt, sugar, and milk to make batters and then blend them for 25 seconds. This will create fluffy, light texture. 

Hot Soups

Do you know, you can make hot soup in your Vitamix just under 10 minutes? Here is an easy hot soup recipe for you. To make soup you’ll need – chicken stock (1 cup), 2 cups cooked crab meat, one-fourth cup chopped onion, roasted bell peppers, lemon juice 1 tbsp, double cream 1 cup, olive oil 1 tbsp, and salt to taste. 

Now add all the ingredients into the blender except crab meat and salt. Set the speed variable 1 and then turn the machine on. Increase the speed to high, and blend them for 6 minutes at high-speed. Reduce the speed of the machine and add crab meat and salt into it and blend them again in high-speed for a few seconds. Your hot soup is ready to drink! 

Frozen Desserts

In your Vitamix, you can make frozen desserts for you. And this is very easy. In the Vitamix container add all the ingredients such as frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, 1 tbsp honey, and vanilla yogurt. Now start your machine and then slowly increase the speed. This will take 10 minutes to make your frozen desserts. 

Baby Food

When you have a Vitamix blender you do not need to think about how you can make baby food. For your baby here is a chicken vegetable recipe. Ingredients you’ll need – steamed kale one-fourth bunch, 3 little steamed carrots, 1 cooked chicken breast, and water 1 cup. Now add all of them into the Vitamix, and turn the machine on. And then blend them together for one minute at high speed. 

Blended Drinks

You can make some blended drinks in your Vitamix. Choose some fresh ingredients and ice and then blend them together at high-speed for one minute. But remember, do not add alcohol directly in your Vitamix. Because the flavor of alcohol cannot wash very well. 

In your Vitamix, you can also make other foods such as pudding, salad, ice-cream, cashew cream, coleslaw, and many more. 

How to clean a Vitamix blender 

To clean your Vitamix the supplies you will need is: 

-Mild dish-washing detergent

-Scrubbing device


Step – One

After using your Vitamix rinse it with water immediately. Then on the container add a few drops of dish-washing detergent and warm water. 

Step – Two

Turn the switch of the machine and for at least 60 seconds blend the mixture and then turn the switch off. 

Step – Three

Now rinse off the container with water properly.

Step – Four 

If there are any odor comes from the container, then add some vinegar into the container. Scrub the container with a scrubbing device. And then let the vinegar sit into the container for 10 to 15 minutes and let it soak the odor from the container. 

Step – Five

With warm water rinse off the container. And let it air dry. 

Tips to extend the lifespan of a Vitamix 

If you have a Vitamix then you may want to increase the lifespan of it. Though, most of the Vitamix blender comes with 10-years of warranty. In this section, we will share with you how you can extend the lifespan of your Vitamix.

Here are some tips for you that you can follow. 

Blend on high

Usually, Vitamix makes noise when it in the high-speed and many people are scared of this noise. It is better to start the speed from low to high of your Vitamix blender. There is a cooling fan on the Vitamix that keeps the motor always stay cool when you blend on high speed. So it is always better to maximize the speed high of your Vitamix. But if you use your Vitamix at too low speed then the machine will overheat and it will automatically turn off. 

Always run a cleaning cycle

Cleaning a Vitamix is very easy. You will just need warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. And then for 30 to 60 seconds at least at a high-speed blend them and then rinse the container. Always try to follow the cleaning cycle. If you clean your Vitamix on a regular basis after each use then the blender will be in good condition. 

Use the tamper when applicable

The tamper is a part of Vitamix and you cannot use the tamper every time. You just need to use a tamper when it needed. To make the blending more efficiently tamper is used. And if you fail to use a tamper then it will affect the machine directly. 

Don’t put the container in the refrigerator or freezer

If you put your Vitamix container into the refrigerator then it will affect the blade of the blender. This will reduce the expected lifespan of your Vitamix. So make sure not to put the container in the freezer or refrigerator.  

Layer correctly

While using the Vitamix blender make sure to correctly layer the machine. Add soft ingredients first into the blender and then add hard ingredients. You should maintain the layer, it is very crucial.

Benefits of Using a Vitamix Blender 

Get Healthy 

You can easily make healthy food in your Vitamix. You can make your breakfast or dinner in the Vitamix, you can make your favorite salad, drink, you can make soup, you can blend or chop vegetables. This blender can keep your food nutrients and this is one of the advantages of your Vitamix. 

You can cook food 

Vitamix is very helpful for people who lead a busy life. You can make soups or main meals in your Vitamix. Usually, the blade of Vitamix is very powerful and for making soups or other main meals the heat comes from that blade.

In your own home, it is a commercial blender

Vitamix was invented for commercial use only but now worldwide many people use Vitamix for making food more easily. Vitamix is a very powerful blender on that you can make your favorite soup or ice-cream or you can make your favorite smoothie anything you want. 

You can use it as a juicer

If you want to make your favorite juice then you can use your Vitamix instead of your juicer. A Vitamix can make the juice more quickly rather than a juicer also, it can keep the whole nutrients of the fruit. 

You can virtually blend everything 

Vitamix is more than a blender. You can use a Vitamix to make everything from your favorite smoothie to the main meal. You can chop vegetables in a Vitamix instead of cutting them with your hands. Without opening the lid of the Vitamix you can drop solid ingredients into the Vitamix such as nuts, carrots or cheese. 

Easy Operation 

A Vitamix blender is very easy to operate. On the center of the interface panel of the blender, familiarize yourself with them. 

Easy Cleanup 

Easily you can clean up a Vitamix blender. On the container of the Vitamix, you need to add a few drops of dishwashing detergent and fill it halfway with warm water and then for 30 to 1 minute, run the machine on high speed. After that, rinse off the blender and dry it in air. 


You can grind flour, coffee beans, seeds, etc. in the dry container in a Vitamix more effectively. 

Cons of a Vitamix


Usually, Vitamix is expensive compared to other blenders. So people who are on a budget they cannot buy a Vitamix blender. 


When you use a Vitamix it will make noise which is very high. And many people are not used to the noise of a Vitamix. 


Before using a Vitamix blender you need to first learn how to control the speed of it. Otherwise, you cannot be able to control the speed of a Vitamix. 


The Final Words

Vitamix is a very powerful blender. It is very durable than other blenders and easy to use. Usually, the price of Vitamix is higher but it is worth to use Vitamix. On the market, most of the Vitamix comes with 10 years warranty. We hope you now know all about Vitamix blender. So when you are going for buying Vitamix blender? 

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